September Report

2017 has seen a big increase in the number of butterflies in the cwm. The four pictured here are the Speckled Wood, Red Admiral, Tortoiseshell, and Comma. I am very ignorant about identifying moths and plan to learn more next year. The photo of the green "bridge" is I think, the Peppered Moth caterpillar. The chrysalis is that of the Elephant Hawk Moth pictured in the previous Titbit.

We have been transplanting birch trees this month and found the voracious, aggressive American Sawfly larvae stripping a sapling of leaves.

For four years now, to my delight, the lizards are still living in the sculpture titled "Wasp Loft".

September has been wet and cool, the streams are full and we have had plenty of big arching rainbows across the cwm. An annual prickly job is the pruning of the holly hedge which is eight foot across and eight feet high on one side. It adjoins the public footpath and takes the two of us two days to cut with shears.