Towards the End of Summer

We have had a long warm summer and the change to darker and damper weather should be expected and even welcomed. But it is hard to witness the decline in numbers of bees and the tailing off of the harvest of fresh beans. We have been planting out more and more of the blue Devils Bit Scabious as this plant brings a welcome supply of nectar in early autumn and hums with insects well into October.

The House Martins are still very much with us with one brood still to fledge. The dampness has increased the number of flying insects and flocks of Martins are swooping and twittering over the house. We are maintaining a daily swim in the pond and each time could be the last as it is nippy. Swimming up to five times a day in the very hot weather while watching pond life is a top Blaen Cwm Cadifor activity. We found this dead mole while walking back up the field to the house.