Moon Photos

For a bit of fun after dark, when the moon and stars are visible, I point the camera at the moon and press the shutter open and wave the lens at the sky until the shutter closes or I choose to turn the camera off.

The resulting pictures are surprising.  If the stars are bright enough they will appear as finer repeats of the lunar pattern.


After seven weeks work I have come to the end of making this piece and it is the most ambitious of my now, four constructions in oak. I hope to entice wrens, spotted fly catchers and bats into the roof area by building in cavities and shelves.

Hedgehog hotel

Now that the Woodland Trust owns more of the cwm, we are assured of more undergrowth and cover for wild life. At Blaen Cwm Cadifor the trees are tall enough to look after themselves and so we have let thickets of brambles,nettles and ferns form impenetrable areas,  allowing only small creatures to forage, like hedgehogs and woodcock. We are well on our way in the recycling of old fence posts and I have made the first Hedgehog Hotel, hopefully predator and water proof. 

Sunsets over Coed y Foel

With high pressure giving us settled weather, at around six thirty every evening we have been treated to a moving spectacle of colourful clouds. Sitting at "K2" with a drink and watching these sunsets has been a highlight of the autumn.

Being Maurice's jacket and a bat roost

 Maurice's jacket hangs in the workshop and I noticed on the floor directly underneath a build up of bat dropping. Carefully looking up into the denim garment we saw two young bats gripping the material near an armhole.


Inclination is my latest sculpture, made with painted oak limbs collected from our nearby wood. The work contains fewer pieces of timber than previous sculptures, but seems to encompass more space.

Spider Webs

Many spiders sling their silk between separate spikelets which are to be found on rough vegetation. They spin delicate hammocks, veils, and spirals which remain invisible until coated by dew drops.

Four-spotted orb spider

I am putting up the next Rig amongst tall grasses in the Pond Field. There are thousands of veil webs and orb webs all around  but the nearest spider to me is a large female Four-spotted orb spider. She spends much of the time motionless, either digesting a meal or waiting for the next fly to get stuck on her sticky threads 

Muggy Weather

The air has been full of moisture and mist.  When ever the sun is out  flying ants lift off in clouds.

Angelica is a large plant that fills the meadows with white and pink umbrella flower heads. They have branching stems coloured deep purple.


I  finished building Rigout this week. It stands in the centre of "Gwynfrudd Field", a circular, open area at the base of Coed y Foel. I have stained the oak limbs and the colours will alter with time and weather.

The First Week of August

The warmth and dampness have encouraged even more growth and the Knapweed, Meadowsweet, Purple Loosestrife and Valerian have been in full bloom. Our Evening Primroses, although not native are good providers of nectar and of course seed. A lizard parent imposes his rights to a sunbathing position and I have nearly finished making an oak piece in Gwynfrudd Field.

Looking down. Looking around. Looking Up

The warm wooden bench nearby the pond is a favourite basking place for common lizards.

The high summer Teasles attract nectar lovers and squirrels are already eating our unripe apples.

There are two pairs of Martins breeding on the house setting up a continual chatter.

The evening sky during supper gives a clue to an unsettled beginning of August.

Rosebay Seed

White flowered Rosebay sends glistening white seed into the wind. It comes into flower before the more vigorous pink variety


Wasps Nest

Unusually this wasp nest is above ground level protected from the rain by ceramic sculpture.

I will see how far underground it goes in the autumn

The Moon

The full moon setting over Coed y Foel at four in the morning

The Rose by the back pond

An enormous Kiftsgate rose rambles through a willow threatening to tumble into the back pond. Maurice's head  can just be seen. Hundreds of bees and other insects vibrate the air with a loud hum.


Swallow Chicks

There is a dark outhouse built in stone called the Duckarama and stuck on an overhead beam is a swallow's nest built with mud. The four chicks will probably fledge today and when anything curious approaches the entrance a parent will swoop down and cry out.