'Nature' is no exception to the endless spew of human baby-talk. In step with the breathless flow of on-line chatter adopted by print-media and television to keep them in business, references to the natural world have similarly adopted the foreshortened idioms of on-demand entertainment. Refusal to go along with the times is thought to risk condemning Nature to public indifference.

This turn of events is misguided because Nature is fated to be at odds with the fabricated excitement of present-day amusements. Their central purpose is not to revel in the fruits of time but to render us oblivious to its passage.

There is nevertheless no more reason to treat adults as constitutionally infantile, than there is to suppose that the natural gifts of infants can-let alone 'should'- be satisfied with tsunami's of sounds, images and 'information'. Because children have minds and other faculties of their own, telling them time and time again that Nature is 'incredible', 'fantastic' and 'unbelievably' 'out of this world', is better fitted to bore them witless.