Motivation: Push and Pull

Motivation matters because it keeps us alert and eager. We may 'push' for release from the staid familiarity of a stagnant present by setting our sights on the 'pull' of prospects we may know next to nothing about. In the absence of some such motivation, however, we are likely to expose ourselves to the dice of happenstance or to time's indifference.

Although motivation was for long - and for some- a gift of upbringing, schooling, personality, example and obligation, tutors of this kind are on the wane. In their place motivation is now outsourced to the 'pull' of market forces and their technologies, whose business is to instil in us all the manufactured motivation we can ingest. Yet if it is not satisfactory to be 'pulled' this way and that by market forces, it becomes necessary to 'push' ourselves in order not to be 'pulled apart.' Chekhov wrote that " a reasoned life without a definite outlook is not a life, but a burden and a horror."